Now You Can Build A Profitable Home-based Business That Rake In Money Monthly And Allow You Be Debt Free!

A Video Of Mrs Mba - An House Wife- 3 weeks after She started: Click Hear from Here
Few Months Later

Thanks to The Work With Lohla Coaching Program, I Am  In Total Control of My Income while staying at home with my kids …..

With Lohla Ashamu 's One on One intensive coaching, I was able to take my struggling consulting and Health coaching business from Zero Income to 6-figures income [about 100k+] in few months and this is just the begining .

I am Going to 1million naira + per month income !


A couple of weeks after Lohla's mentorship I Wrote 3 e books in my niche and sold unimaginable copies in a program I created within two weeks of Loha's training using Her marketing principles and strategies.


Ever since, I have gone ahead to create multiple 6-figure online businesses using the same core business building principles and the models I learned from Lohla Ashamu


At the time of writing this testimonial, Lohla's coaching has helped me to build lists of loyal and hundreds of customers.


But the greatest benefit of his One on One coaching for me is the ability to control my income. I know what to do anytime I need money.

Aramide Yusuf Mother of Three Kids

Dear Friend,


My name is Lohla Ashamu. I'm an expert coach, blogger, Internet marketer and a Writer.

​I really don’t know how you landed on this page, but I must confess, you are one of the lucky few, as you are about to have access to a rare formula used ONLY by High Level Marketing Experts to Scale Up their online businesses…..

“This RARE Formula Is So Rare that So Many So Called Marketing Gurus
Will Never Share It With Anyone, Even If That Person is Their Best Friend...”


​Yes the above statement is so true, BUT as a person, I took the road less taken due to the love I have to help change the lives of SERIOUS people like Aramide Yusuf ( Mother Of 4, Runs her Business at Home ), Mrs Mba Became a child care consulatnt after HER NYSC , Mrs Adeosun, Mr sylvester an emlpoyee, Mrs Modupe A dietician, running her business online and Dozens of other High Achieving students who had the liberty of Enrolling for the “Work With Lohla ” Coaching Program.

“I Didn’t Start the Work With Lohla Coaching Program Because I JUST Wanted to Make Some Money Off It, Far From It...


Rather I Started This One of a Kind Training Program to HELP The Average Coach and anyone who is ready to tranform thier lives  Because I KNOW Content Marketing/Blogging and Digital Marketing Like The Palm of My Hands…”

I have been opportuned to be trained and mentored by best international coaches as well as experts in digital marketing. This program is my passion and a way to give back to the socity what have helped me and hundreds of my coaching students 

​Don’t just take my word for it, watch what some of my coaching students have to say.

It will open your eyes to my proficiency as a seasoned online entrepreneur…

So What EXACTLY Is This Rare Closely Guarded Formula All About
And Why Is It Important?




This Secret Formula is Exposed in the…

“The Internet Marketing





What exactly is this formula about & Why is it Powerful?


If you have been struggling for ages to make money with your business without success, then, this is the exact MISSING KEY you have been looking for.


Why is That So?


You see, armed with the Internet Marketing Formula (I.M.Formula) you will have a huge Email and whatsapp list of LOYAL people who willingly subscribed to your Posts via CONTENT BASED adverts you placed online.


In a Periodic Newsletter Which These people have Pre-Agreed to receive everyday, so you have a Live Breathing Cash Machine You can always run to, when you are in need of urgent cash. 

(This is a fraction of WHAT you’ll learn to build in the Work With Lohla Program)


Why You Should Build Your Business Using
The Internet Marketing

If you have been struggling for ages to make money without success, then it could be that you don't have a list of loyal subcribers.

​With content marketing you will not only build whatsapp customers and also an email list 

An Email list is the contact details of people who willingly subscribed to your newsletters via adverts you placed online.

These people have agreed to receive periodic emails from you from time to time.


Without a list, you don't have a sustainable online business. And that is why, having an email list is what separates those who makes millions and those who don't.


Once you're able to learn how to build a list on whatsapp or email of your own, you have just acquired an ATM machine for your business, because this 'ATM Machine' will keep spitting out money for you for as long as you continue to drive offers before your email list.

Made Over 100Millions+ Within A Year With This same Strategy!

My mentor Is closely guiding this formular . This same strategy Made him over 100millions of Naira within 12 months !



Making  this volume was made possible because he already had an email list of interested customers who read His weekly newsletters.


Let me be Frank With You ...




Without a list, you don't have a sustainable online business but a Casino Gambling Jamboree you call a business.




That’s EXACTLY why, having a list is THAT TINY little thing that separates those who make consistent RECURRING Millions and those who makes a “Let’s Pray For Customer” business....




Once you're able to learn how to build a Content Based online business, you have just acquired a figurative "ATM machine" for your business...


FOR LIFE, because this 'ATM Machine' will keep spitting out money for you for as long as you continue to send tantalizing, mouth watering offers to your email list from time to time.




(This is YET another tactics I will be showing you WHEN you apply for the
“Work With Lohla Program” Today)


This is a list building OfferWhich Is closely Guided and never taught by many online gurus

Why Am I doing This ? Because I want To Help

I can Not bare to see Many people strugglling while I have something That can make them succeed


​I will  also be laying bare the whole methodology & strategies behind using the I.M.Formula to build massive responsive list that you can use to Sell ANYTHING to ANY ONE online.




However just to prove to you that this system does not work only for me, It has also worked for all my students who have employed the same formula.


And I am confident it will work for you when you employ it, because it is based on a universal law of nature.


And I am willing to take you by the hand and LIFT you & your business to a LEVEL where you will be glad and HAPPY you enrolled for the “Work With Lohla” Coaching Program.  


Just Watch The Short Video Testimonials And Read What Some
of My coaching Students Have to Say About
The Work With Lohla 1-On-1 Coaching Program…

Generally My Training Programs Have Helped many Nigerians
Go From Being Broke & Not Knowing What To Do Next, to Becoming
Happy & Free From Money Worries.

Could You Be The Next Testimony?  


The FACT is...

My training and coaching has helped so many AVERAGE business owners go from just making a tiny N5k to N100k + a month business and be PROUD owners of businesses that does unbelievable numbers  Per Month....


“This is EXACTLY what happens to any SERIOUS & QUALIFIED Person Who Applies to the “Work With Lohla” Coaching Program and take my teachings seriously by putting it into action as soon as possible.


Are You NEXT?”

“Now That You Have Seen What Some Of My Coaching Students
Have to Say, Are You READY to Take A Leap of Faith & Enroll For
The Work With Lohla Coaching Program?



Before I Tell You the COMMITMENT Fee Involved & How to Apply For It, Let Me Give You a HINT Of What You’ll Get When You Get Selected for This RARE Coaching Program…”

Here's the ACTUAL value of THE BONUSES you’ll be getting when you enrol for the
“Work With Lohla” Coaching Program.

Full Contents of Work With Lohla” Coaching Program Is Further Down The Page



The Blog Profit Coaching is my PREMIUM training video course that takes you by the hand and shows you the EXACT method I used to build a very lucrative online business using a blog platform that earns 6 figures even as we speak…


It’s street value is worth over N60,000 due to the value of the information in it, plus the bonuses that comes with it, but you’ll be getting it all for FREE when you Enrol for the “Worth With Lohla Coaching”.


Value: N55,000




This is an information marketing training course that shows you how to LEVERAGE the power of the content marketing and social medial riches


This training course is well detailed on EXACTLY how any Nigerian can run a highly profitable internet marketing using contents from the comfort of his home. 

The Street value of the training is N20,000 due to the massive content in it, plus the bonuses that comes with it, but when you enrol for “Worth With lohla ” training Program, you’ll be getting it for free when you enrol today.


A complete guide to email marketing tactics and strategies used by gurus


This a training on how to dominate and run an affiliates program. The One secrets of running an affiliates with one page 

The street value is worth over N50,000 due to the value of the information in it, plus the bonuses that comes with it, but you’ll be getting it all for FREE when you Enrol for the “Worth With Lohla Coaching”


Usually when I want to train people personally, I do charge a whooping N100,000 because the value of my Marketing expertise.


Why is That So?

This is because I am versatile in the following areas…

  • The UNIQUE content Marketing system
  • Ever Green Blog system strategy
  • Very advance facebook Marketing
  • No Fail Proof Simple but powerful whatsapp
  • How To Build Ultra Targeted Email List for any business
  • The Value Of My Marketing Skills is Not quantifiable Because I cant put a price tag on over 6 years of online marketing experience
  • “The Question Is... Will You Be
    Among The Selected Few?”


    To be realistic... If I have to train anyone on a 1-On-1 basis based on my 12+ years experience and skill set, I will not blink an eye before charging N100,000.

    So the true value of my training is actually...


    However, I am only going to charge you only a fraction of that...

    So How Much Is "The Work With Lohla Coaching"
    Currently Going For?


    If you do an actual cost of all the above training product bonuses, coaching and EVEN the actual price of my TYPICAL One-on-One training which is N100,000. You’ll be getting a total value of….

    “N250,000” 0r more...


    But don’t be scared...

    You WON’T be paying HALF of that price, but rather, you’ll be paying a Fraction of that price…..

    So How Much Will The Insanely Valuable “Work With lohla” Training Program Cost You?

    Instead of investing a whooping N250,000 in the hard economic situation in Nigeria today…all you need to invest in your own education is just a token of….

    “N50,000 ONLY!”


Before we proceed...

Let's Clear Some Questions About The Work With Lohla Program.

(A) Is The Training a Live Event, And What’s The Location?

This is a Virtual Coaching Class which will be done via email, phone and a 45 minutes LIVE online meeting via Close whatsapp Group , Private facebook community which allows us to see each other LIVE, and we can share our laptop screens, talk in real time, chat, exchange any type of files, as if we are in the same room.


This platform will enable anyone to participate irrespective of location anywhere in the world. So you can enrol from anywhere you're in the country or in the world.


(B) How Can This Coaching Help Me to Sell My Products and Services?


The Truth is that most people in the internet marketing and online business get overwhelmed by either “Information Overload” or Overwhelm, or the fact that they don’t know how to proceed...


This Coaching Program called Work with Lohla, is to help put clarity to your online business no matter what kind it is.


Be it Information Marketing, or Network Marketing or even offline businesses that you want to put online.


In as much as you're qualified to be work with Lohla, I will take you by the hands and give your clarity of purpose in your online business life.


(C) Can A Newbie Enrol Into This Program?

The answer is a Big NO.

This program is NOT for newbies and it’s not made for newbies, rather, it’s made for anyone who have already started an online business and want to take it to the next level. 

Or someone who already has a level of online experience, and want to create a business that will help him move to the next level, but not a total novice.

However if you are a newbie I have the PERFECT program for you called...

Create & Launch Online Program


Click Here To Discover How

To Enroll Today

 (D) How Sure Am I That I Will Make Money After Going Through this Coaching?


One thing I can’t GUARANTEE you is making money IMMEDIATELY you complete the training.

But the thing I can assure you of, is that once you go through the training, you will NEVER think so little of online business again, as I will give you tactics and strategies that will NOT only increase your level of leads acquisition but also shoot up the ROI of your business radically.


All you need to do is follow my teachings step by step...


(E) Why Are You Charging N50k For This, Is This Not Too Expensive?  


Instead of thinking too hard on how much it will cost you to cough out N50k, look at it this way...

How much will it cost you NOT to work with me in the long run?

It will cost you wasted time, because if you do nothing today, you'll be in this same exact financial situation next year. Additionally, it will cost more money patronizing less effective and cheaper ways to build a thriving business online.

Imagine this...

After graduating from the "Work With Lohla Program", and you start generating an average of N50k-N100 per month.

In a full year, you would have earned roughly N2million+for a start working with a smartphone or computer from that single decision you made to enrol for the Work With Lohla Coaching.

And you'll continue making more of that money, next year, the year after, and till the next 10, 15, 25 years or more to come.

What you're investing for by enrolling in The Work With Lohla Coaching is a TRANSFORMATIONAL Program, NOT an Information product or course, but a coaching that will change your life forever.

This coaching will teach you life long High Income Skills that will transform your life completely...

These High Income Skills are not taught in the school system.

So instead of thinking of how much this costs or how expensive it is, why not become excited and think about the incredible life change that is about to happen to you when you apply to work with Lohla.

If you look at it closely, you'll understand that N50,000 is just a tiny amount compared to what you'll get at the end of the day.

Most coaches both local and international charge between $2000 - $50,000 for the same coaching you're about to apply for.

So count yourself lucky today.

More so, take a look again at the wide array of  testimonials from my happy students whom I have helped to understand the fundamentals of the Internet marketing System….

That can become your story tomorrow...


IF I were to charge you my true coaching value, you will have to pay me at least $50,000 or N1,600,000.  


(F) Is the payment Instalments? 


No it’s NOT, it's a one time payment .   

As Soon As You Submit Your Application Form, The First Thing We Do Is...

  1. Review Your Application Form to see if you actually qualify for the Work with Lohla Coaching Programme...

  2. Dissect your business plan and create a system that will be responsible for a monthly 6 - 7 figures for you every month.

  3. TAILOR your training, With an emphasis on Just taking YOUR business and ONLY YOUR business to the NEXT LEVEL.

 NOTICE: Once your application is submitted, take notice that NOT all applications submitted will be accepted due to the screening process involved to select only those qualified to work with me.

If you happen to be unqualified, you'll be directed to training programs that fits your peculiar situations to build your business.…



“When Your Application Is Reviewed and Accepted, I Will Contact
You via the Mobile Line You Provided for A "Clarity Call…"


During this call, I’ll give you the opportunity to ask Me ANY burning questions in your mind and get the MUCH needed SHARP clarity you've been looking for on what your first steps are towards your goals of starting a successful business online…..

You'll also be interviewed on the status of your current business and provided a blueprint to work with to get your business into profit in no time….



The Work With Lohla Coaching Program, is going to be an accelerated intensive
one -three months coaching program where you'll master everything you need to do
in just a space of 4 - 12 weeks

“NOTE: The "Clarity Call" is ONLY for selected persons who have demonstrated that they're ready to invest in their business and get the mentorship needed to make big things happen in their lives and businesses…”

 Please only apply if you're serious about investing in your dreams and getting the support to help you get there.

However, If You Dont Want To Wait and Need to Start Immediately,You May Want To Book A call Now !

Just Indicate The reason for your Urgency.

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We Believe In Hard Work, Adding Value And Serving Others. And That’s What Our Programs Are Designed To Help You Do. We Can Not And Do Not Make Any Guarantees About Your Own Ability To Get Results Or Earn Any Money With Our Ideas, Information, Programs Or Strategies. Your Results In Life Are Up To You. Agreed? We’re Here To Help By Giving You Our Greatest Strategies To Move You Forward, Faster. If You Have Questions, send me an Email

aim2wealth@gmail.com      or Call 07015775627

Thanks For Stopping By.