About Us

We have totally changed the popular perception of working and earning from home using technology and a system to drive a successful business. I started 

building my offline business in 2016 leveraging on the power of the internet and socializing on facebook.

Today, these two ladies in the image above make between N900,000 to N1.2million respectively, every single month.

There are still other students and partners doing N100k, N250k, N350k etc doing the same thing.

They do this from the comforts of their home, working

With our system .

Before I go on Let  me introduce myself . I am Lohla Ashamu, An ordinary school teacher and a mother of four kids . 

I still remember vividly in 2015, when I was stressed out with my
poorly paid teaching job. I tried all I could to make ends meets.

I could remember the expression on my kids, husband  when I told them I wanted to start a second stream of income , a kind of business that allow anyone working from home and time freedom business . The business was kind of strange to my husband . 
He was wondering whether
I have gone out of my mind, a work at home business ?
He would say , Lol.  I surprised my family when I started earning almost daily , small, yes , at first but later gradually picking .

That was 2016. And I could remember how happy
I was to have a part timed business that pays me daily while working at my own pace at home.

Because deep down in my heart, I know that if I could
earn 300k in a year working part-time, I would earn
more if I put all my efforts to the business.

And that gave me, the courage, and confidence I needed
to make that decision.

Looking back today, I don’t regret that decision.

In fact, I’m happy that I took that decision  because it opened
up a floodgate of success that I never dreamed would
happen in my life.

It all started with my efforts to change my life learning
from people who were more successful than I was.

I bought my start up package and set to work and was able to breakthrough.

Today, you have the same opportunity that I had back in
the day.

However, you have a far better opportunity than I do

Because i didn’t really have much support and good mentors then . I had
little to no support. I had to buy lot of materials and attended many events . 

But because I was determined, I made sure, I cracked
the code to making a living working with this system.

You can do the same today, by learning the strategies
I use to make great income every month as will be revealed once you decided on starting your business. If you want more detail like this join our email list