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From The Desk Of Lohla

Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Friend,

Are You A Graduate ?

Are You afraid of the Monster Unemployment In The Society? Are You An Employee?

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What If You Could Work From The Comfort of Your Own Home without Chasing After Anyone?

What if You Had The Chance of Being Your Own Boss, decide how much you want to make weekly, monthly and work on your own term?

Are you bored of your routine lifestyle? Do you feel you are neglecting your spouse and kids for the sake of your job?

This is exactly what happens to most people who have tried to make money by working harder. After endless efforts with no result. They get tired, burned out, and finally they give up their dreams.

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Enjoy Vacation and Come Back To More Money

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Create A System That Pays  Monthly Without The Stress Of Huge Capital Investment

But first Who am I?  

Okay, I will try to keep this brief…

My name is Lohla Ashamu

 I am an online entrepreneur... I help smart people and working professionals start a System That Pays Them Monthly Working In The Comfort Of Their Home With a System to generate at least N50K -N150K Monthly leveraging on the internet.

I have helped coached over hundreds of network marketers around the City to build their network marketing businesses by automation so they dont have to bother Family and friends nor Have to Chase After people .

 If you have dreamed for months or even years about starting a successful business where you enjoy time freedom and money freedom, then this will be the most important business information you will ever read.

Here is why, My business team and I run Our MLM and home-based business opportunity from the comfort of our home. This helps us to Earn passive Income without Spoiling Relationship of family and friends or facing rejections.

It Has help many like You escape the Rat Race. 

In fact currently, a 21 years old partners in this System is earning six figures monthly after just 12 months of starting this business.  My Mentor made over 12 million Of Naira within the Year working with the same system.

Below Are Partners Leaving Thier dreams

Below Are other Partners Leaving Their dreams



Today, these partners are making between N900,000 to N1.2million respectively, every single month.

There are still other students doing N100k, N150k ,N250K doing the same thing the above partners are doing.

They do this from the comforts of their home, working from a smart phone connected to the internet, without meeting the people

If you want to learn how to create a business like these people above and others, working from home, and if you're are ready to work hard using  at least 2 to 3hours and implement our Online teachings as soon as they come .

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